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Canary Islands Introduces Measures to Remove Single Use Plastics

Canary Islands Introduces Measures to Remove Single Use Plastics

This week, the Canary Islands Government announced plans to have a series of measures aimed at removing plastics for single use by mid-July, and held its first meeting with local businesses to agree on actions to achieve this.

The Councillors for Sustainability and for Economy of the Canary Government, Nieves Lady Barreto and Pedro Ortega, issued a press release that explained this meeting with local businesses this week will start the objective of achieving zero single use plastic by 2030, which is the target set by the European Union.

Barreto explained that these measures are intended to reach a consensus with employers and administrations at first, and to subsequently work on a strategy to withdraw the use of single use plastics, which is expected to be completed by the end of this year.

The Minister of the Environment stressed that this is a challenge that the Executive wants to undertake with firmness and certainty in a period that is not too long to achieve zero single use plastic in the Canary Islands. These include supermarket bags and disposable utensils made from plastic.

Ortega explained his concept of a circular economy, so that removal of plastic is one more objective in the fight against climate change and to defend the planet’s ecosystem, for which innovation and entrepreneurship will be needed. This strategy will require regulatory changes and will also include help for plastics manufacturers that will face consequences of the withdrawal of single use plastics.

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