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​Warmest Summer for Canary Islands

Warmest Summer for Canary Islands

The Canary Islands have had their warmest summer for 30 years with an average rise of 1.5º, which follows the trend of Peninsular Spain that has also recorded its warmest summer season since 1965.

This hotter summer across the Canary Islands on land surfaces has also seen a rise in sea temperatures too, which have been the highest for the last 15 years.

On 8 August, the temperature reached 41.3º at Lanzarote Airport. This was closely followed on 22 August in Tasarte in La Aldea de San Nicolas Municipality in Gran Canaria with a temperature of 41.2º.

Tenerife reported a significant drop in rainfall this summer season by around 40%.

The forecast for autumn in the Canary Islands is for normal weather conditions, but slightly warmer than previous years, and with less rainfall except in the month of November.

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