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​Tourists Stranded in Tenerife

Tourists Stranded in Tenerife

Over 300 Russian tourists are stranded in Tenerife after Russian VIM Airlines cancelled all its flights, including one scheduled to leave tomorrow from Tenerife for Moscow, which has been confirmed by Russian tour operator Tez Tour.

While these Russian tourists remain stranded in Tenerife, neither the tour operators who organised the flight and holiday or the Russian authorities have been able to find a solution to their situation.

The Russian civil aviation agency Rosaviatsia confirms that regular flights of VIM Airlines are not covered by its emergency programme that covers flights with other airlines, and that this company has declared bankruptcy this week and has suspended all activity as it cannot meet it financial commitments.

The tour operators looking after these tourists in Tenerife explain that no other airline currently has an available plane to make a one-way flight to collect these tourists and then return to Tenerife with others stranded in Moscow.

The Russian national airline, Aeroflot, can fly direct flights or indirect flights, but would charge these stranded tourists between 300 euros and 950 euros. The Russian Federation of Tour Operators warns that operators have already paid VIM Airlines for the transfer of their customers, so they will not be able to return so many tourists without putting their own operational capacity at risk.

VIM Airlines last year carried around 2 million Russian passengers to resorts such as Barcelona, Alicante, Malaga and Tenerife.

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